Bible Study Course

"Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth" ~ Bible Study Course

The Bible Study Course offered by The Seventh Day Christian Assembly consists of twelve lessons and three tests - one after every four lessons.  
  • It is an adult, in-depth study course that is designed to lead you to understand God's word of truth in a way that you have probably never before experienced.
  • It will challenge you to dust off your Bible and to pay attention to some of God's most basic instruction to mankind about who/what God is, why mankind exists, and what God plans to do with us.
  • You might be surprised by the differences between what is commonly taught and what the Bible actually says!


  1. Learn how to study the Bible more effectively.
  2. Become more skilled at recognizing God's truth and using it to guide your life.
  3. Learn the seven basic doctrines of Jesus Christ that are necessary for understanding the more mature spiritual concepts in scripture.
  4. Gain valuable insight into God's truth and His thoughts and ways that you will not generally get anywhere else.
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Lesson One: Studying the Bible will help you learn how to study the Bible and to fully understand that it is God's revelation of His thoughts and His ways.

Lesson Two:  Explaining the God of the Bible will help you understand more completely who/what "God" is.

Lesson Three:  What Is Man? will give you a biblical definition of what man is and understanding of why God is concerned with man's thoughts and ways, how He visits him, and what He intends to do with regard to either rewarding or punishing him.

Lesson Four:  The Lord of the Covenants (I) will give insight into what it really means when the Christian says that s/he is "standing on the promises of God."  It is the beginning of an expanded discussion about God's plan to establish His Kingdom on the earth and to expand His family.
Test 1
Lesson Five:  The Lord of the Covenants (II) will make the connection between all of God's covenant promises and the mission of Jesus Christ relative to the establishment of God's Kingdom on the earth.

Lesson Six:  Repentance from Dead Works will begin a series of lessons on the basic doctrines of Jesus Christ found in Hebrews 6:1, 2.  This lesson discusses why we must repent, what true repentance is, and what we have to repent of.

Lesson Seven:  Faith Toward God will show that faith involves more than mere belief and provide a thorough understanding of God's requirements for true faith.

Lesson Eight: Baptisms will explain why the plural form of the word is used, what the term actually means, and how we should respond to God's requirement of full immersion baptism.
Test 2
Lesson Nine Laying On of Hands will explain the different situations in which this rite may be used and the spiritual significance of each usage.

Lesson Ten:  The Resurrections of the Dead will give the true biblical understanding of death and the resurrections that will occur at the end of this age and beyond.

Lesson Eleven:  God's Sabbaths (His Plan of Salvation in Prophecy) Part 1 will help you discover how God has prophetically revealed His plan of salvation in the holy days listed in Leviticus 23.

Lesson Twelve:  God's Sabbaths (His Plan of Salvation in Prophecy) Part 2 will show that this is not the only day of salvation but that it is a process that will continue throughout eternity.
Test 3

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